(Diploma Islas Españolas = Spanish Islands Award)


ORGANIZED by:                S.T.L. URE-Cullera


SCOPE: International contest and we are very pleasured with the participation of SWL stations too.




DATE: 20 of June' 2004, since 06:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC (only 6 hours)


REPORT:               Islands: RST +  DIE or DIEI reference.

                               General: RST + serial number.


BANDS and MODES: 80-40-20-15-10 on  SSB, CW and  RTTY.


POINTS:                ISLANDS: 2 (two) points for every contact made in each band and each mode. You must be at least 15 minutes in each band (15 minutes rule).

GENERAL: 5 (five) points for every contact with an island in each band and each mode.



A: Sea Islands. (DIE reference)

B: Inner Islands (DIEI reference). Those are islands located in rivers, lakes, lagoons, reservoirs, etc.

C: Residents (includes stations from Balearic Islands, Cartuja island and Leon island)

D: Residents in  EA8 (Canary Islands).

E: General Peninsular (everyone from EA-CT-C3).

F: General no EA (everyone outside EA-CT-C3).

H: Novices: stations with EC license (for a trophy the champion must do at least the 20% of the E category champion score).

I: SWL stations.


SPECIAL STATIONS: The official station of the DIE organization EA5RKX will give you 10 points in each band and mode. This year it will be operated by EA5AEN (DIE Manager) from V-134 DIE reference (Island).


 RESULTS: You must send your results in next 60 days by certified mail to:


P.O.BOX 11055

 Valencia (Spain)


You must sent your contact list with a summary with total of QSO/points and duplicates.

We accept all lists but only accept complaints from certified mail.


Also by e-mail to:                ea5aen@ea5ol.net




                               1.-  PLAQUE to first (1), second (2) and third (3) classified in each category.


2.- To every champion in each category, besides the plaque, we will give 1000 (one thousand) QSL's in full color and personalised, made by EA7JX, except for novices (EC = H category) and SWL (I = category), that it will be in B/N (black and white).

Note: only for the CALL used in the DIE-CONTEST.


                3.- To the champion from all categories (only one) in CW (who makes more CW-QSO from from all categories), we will give her/him a CW KEY. Please consult the DIE-CONTEST web page (http://www.ea5ol.net/die) to view CW KEY photos and features.



SPECIAL TROPHY: to everyone who has participated in last 9 DIE-Contest (and also this year). You must ask for this special trophy when you send your list.


AWARD : of participation to everyone who made do at least the 20% of the E category champion score.

Every list which doesn’t had this (20%) it will be included as a check list.

If the DIE-Contest Committee observes a real effort although a list has not this 20% rule, the participation’s award will be sent .


NOTE: If you have not the basic DIE award and during the contest you work al least 25 islands, you must obtained it. Ask for it and remember to send 12 €. But you only can endorse 25 islands


There is prepared a DIE contest software. Ask for it to:


POBOX 8176

46080 Valencia (Spain) or go to http://www.ea5ol.net



NOTE 2: As many people you are in Spain in that dates (i.e. on holidays) and you want to participate in this contest from an island, please contact us to give all information you need (Nearest islands locations, equipment advice, Spanish band plan, strategies, etc.).


NOTE 3: Some Spanish islands are valid for the IOTA programme too. Also for Lighthouse awards. Others not.


Have fun! Enjoy it!